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Thank you for taking the time to visit my website. The most important thing is for me to know what you are looking for in a candidate and how I can help you. Feel free to contact me through Facebook for the fastest response, or drop me a line through the contact section. The issues listed below are just a few that are important to me. My goal is freedom for everyone and I would love to hear your thoughts on making that a reality.

A little about me - I live in Cosmos, I'm a wife, a mom and stepmom to 6 girls and grandmother of 3. My background is in retail and project management, and I currently serve as political director and at large representative of the Libertarian Party Of Minnesota. I live a normal life with the same kinds of issues that everyone deals with. I'm not looking to get into politics to make a name for myself. I'm not important in this process. I'm just a stand in for the will of the people. I'm doing this to try make things better for everyone in the best way I know how... which is by giving everyone the choice to live their lives as they see fit as long as they're not hurting anyone else.

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Reduce Government Spending


You want to keep more of your hard earned money. The less our government spends, the more you can take home to your family. Spending should be kept to only necessary government functions. We can reduce that spending in part by encouraging people to work. Through eliminating occupational licensing, increasing take-home pay, and reducing healthcare costs, there's more incentive and ability for the poor and disabled to find jobs or start businesses that will pay enough to cover or exceed the cost of living. 

End The War On Drugs


The drug war has been the single most harmful policy in our nation. It is disproportionately enforced on the poor and minorities, has been used to encroach on our fourth amendment rights that protect us from search and seizure, has filled prisons beyond capacity with nonviolent offenders, has encouraged criminal behavior, and prevented people getting the medical treatment they desperately need, either by denying them the medicine itself, or by frightening them away from getting help for an addiction. 

Keep Our Right To Bear Arms


All people should have the right to protect themselves in whatever way they see fit. This right was guaranteed to us and we've had nothing but infringement for decades. We need to not only maintain the rights we have, but roll back the restrictions that keep us less safe and protect those who would go outside the law. Laws against guns drive gun sales to the black market. Criminals have no problem finding them for sale. It's regular law-abiding people like us that are left without the ability to stand up to those who would do us harm.

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